L Scott Chism

I am: The husband of one Sweet Beautiful wife, Susie. A Dad to three fantastic children, Tami, Mandie and Brandon. Father-in-law (Dad) to two great men Jason (Husband to Tami) and Brannon (Husband to Mandie).
"Grandpa" to the six Greatest Grandkids, Joseph, Carston, Hanna, and Emma, Claire and Hunter.

My Favorites

More importantly:

I am a follower of and believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who (because of His Love for me, and through His death, burial and resurrection, and by His free gift of grace) has saved me, forgiven me and set me apart for His choosing, work and service.


I am simply one who, after spending way too much money on developing film years ago, found a renewed love for just taking pictures. With today's digital technology I can afford to learn, practice and experiment in this hobby and for all practical purposes, it is FREE! One other huge attraction for me; this is a completely stress free endeavor. I can do as I want, when I want, fail as I go and grow as I go with no pressure to meet any expectations but my own. So I embarked in this new found enterprise with the purpose of enjoying the gathering and processing of images. I can share these with anyone who might want to stop by for a look.


Hope you find some of this interesting.

I now have the opportunity and privilege of sharing my gifted skills of this new  love with you. Contact me. Lets see how I can serve you.

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